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Vanilla + Bourbon

Vanilla + Bourbon

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This luxurious triple-scented candle is made with a blend of natural vanilla, bourbon and sugar cane fragrances. The warm, sweet, and smoky aroma of the bourbon, combined with the sweet and creamy vanilla and the earthy, musky sugar cane creates a comforting and inviting atmosphere in any room. Enjoy the unique, sophisticated scent of this candle for hours upon hours of beautiful ambiance.


Time To Be. Candle Company creates hand -poured coconut soy-wax candles for any space. We’re proud to use coconut soy wax, a long-burning, biodegradable, and renewable resource. These candles are hand-poured in the Hudson Valley, NY.


Volume: 9oz Wooden Wick and 14 oz Cotton Wick is available

Vanilla + Bourbon + Sugar Cane

Virgin Coconut + Soy Wax